Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A sneaky little lamb's tail. Oops, tale.

Dear Readers, it has been a few weeks since the Loris has been online, and there should have been a report on the second ENO Community Choir performance in the Piazza at Covent Garden. However, the Loris was taken a bit poorly - remember the total nightmare that was the day of the ENO thing in June, when she was all tiredy and breathless and all the dizzies? Well, she ended up in the hostabul. Or somewhere. But don't worry, she had to have a blood meal (which sounds very dangerous and disgusting), because some Horrible Goblins had stolen some of her Claret Corpsekewls and she was very very neemic (that's what Dave said anyway, cos he heard the doctor telling the Loris. I don't know how to spell the words really, but they're sciencey medical words. I'm sure the Loris will tell you more very soon.). I was really worried, because I was back at the ranch and looking after Harvey and Joseph and Ratty and all of the other creatures and assorted fluffy ones (be we've no idea where Mr Messy has got to) and Dave was in the hostabul wiv the Loris. He was very worried because she changed colour. We thought she might be turning into a hoptocus or a squiddly diddly or a camelia, but after her goblins stopped misbehaving she was ok.

Okies, I gots to gambol, for I am a lamb and it's what I do best. See!:

picture borrinated from anagrammer.com

Barney James



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