Saturday, 26 January 2013

A little note from Barney James...

Crikey O'Reilly! It seems that the Loris has rather neglected her blogosphere this past twelvemonth for which she does apologize. (Mind you, Dave and I have also been rather lax in reminding her to write to you all and it is only now that I have just remembered again. Sorreee.)

Soooo, what have we all been up to? Well, the Loris has been really quite poorly, and has got very depressed (but, Praise God!,  not because of another evil invasion of those beastly evil DMoDs) with her general lack of energy and motivation, and because she just  feels so rubbish all the time. But mostly she is very sad because her Brains is not working very well and she cannot understand what she is reading, or write properly so her studies have been affected once again. She whispered in my ear the other night that she was too scared to go back to her College because she is so far behind in her Hebrew now, but she is trying to start from scratch. (Between you and me, I KNOW that she will be able to catch up, but she is feeling very disheartened at the moment. Her Heethronions are most supportive and Dave and I are very proud of our keeper.)

The other day I had a message from Dave (who travels everywhere with her, often without her knowing) to say that she almost passed out when she was washing the dinner dishes. She is so very dizzy all the time and we are worried that she will fall over and break her head, like what happened to the penguin the Loris' Mater bought her a few years ago.

The Loris has recently had a scan on her spine to see if she has naughty bones and nerves because her walking is not too good either. She has also had some electrodes stuck to her heart to see what is working, or not working, but the machines couldn't get good data, but she hopes they got enough to help the doctors - and her - to work out what's going on and to make her better.

Loris says she's hoping that they are going to put in a little Bioelectric Spybot that will sit near her heart and record what the naughty Conduction Fibres are up to so that she won't have to have stickers all over her torso any more causing these horrible scabs and scars. She's also hoping she might get a brain scan to see what the Neurons are up to, as she has had mini strokes this year and she keeps losing her words. APHASIA is what she says it is (she helped me look it up to learn it). (Dave and I are very very very scareded about a Spybot living inside the Loris. We are very worried that it might try to take over and make her not be like the Loris any more. The Loris says this is nonsense, but me and Dave never trust these Robot types. Loris also says that Jesus is bigger than all of our fears so me and Dave are going to try a bit harder to listen to what the Jesus says, too.)

Dave and I are happy to be hanging out with Macavity and his adopted kid, Psycho, at the Depressed Weirdo's when the Loris is in London. There's also a bear that lives with us there, called Bouffle, he is very cool. Dave, as I might already have mentioned, is tasked with travelling with the Loris to keep her company, as he helps to de-stress her (mostly) when she is away from her room.

As for me, well, I got a New Hat! That was very exciting. I had one a while ago, but sadly it got lost. Whenever I go and visit Harvey at Dr Goth and the Polar's house we compare hats. He got a new one too!! (I'll try to get a picture on here soon).

That's about it, really. The Loris is very excited because many of her friends are having babies this year, which means she gets lots of hugs with babies. Dave and I are a bit worried that we will get mistaken for food and get gummed by the wrigglers, but we shall see...

Have fun all, and enjoy the snow! :)

Barney James, Dave - and the Loris!




  1. LOL I did get a smile out of that last bit. No doubt these little ones will nom you all (except possibly for the Loris) with joyous ferocity! The Spud is now prodding me in agreement!

    was nice to see a blog post and hear your update even thought it's not such a nice one. You know where we are if you ever want to invite yourself over for dinner or milky tea :) Much love from The Eskimo and Spud.

  2. you've ridden out a rough year alright, but you're still in the saddle babe! Looking forward to a chat tomorrow morning - hugs to get you through the night xx

  3. Thank you very much, lovely ladies! (Yes, and you, Spud!!). The boys are actually really quite excited about meeting the new mini people when they make their appearances this year... You have been warned. Oh, and this Loris really doesn't mind the chewing gums of little ones. ;) xxxx